Jul. 25, 2016

How brands targeting light Mature Market?

Intelligence news marketing trending topics Opportunities (2016 March 479 brains magazine) fashion and beauty are subject qingshunv their long-term concern, the women's movement culture also increased year by year, the brand how to do in order to grasping opportunities, open up the female market? (March 2016 479 brains magazine) called qingshunv, mostly from 25 to 35 year-old female, may be just entering the workplace Petty female, have a stable job or pink-collar family, and beauty is a woman's nature, qingshunv because these relationships and factors into the workplace, and began to focus on dress, for skin care products, cosmetics demand higher and higher. While the social atmosphere gradually promote natural beauty, and to expand the definition of beauty, but there is still a lot of young women because of age, feel the pressure, would like to take a young man, a young hurry to maintain their appearance. Research focused on women's media company Women 's Marketing survey of 18-34 year-old female skin care products and cosmetics are the main buyers. 76% of women believe that the use of the product so that they can maintain younger looking skin and appearance, even according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (The American Society of Plastic Surgeons) study, women aged 20-29, the general will through the US medical allow yourself to become more beautiful. Now, whether in department stores, beauty shops and shopping platform, a variety of different functions, styles of beauty products, brands, how to stand out from the assortment of beauty products, so that the beauty of these young women to choose your brand? Beauty bloggers marketing Yahoo Kimo Asia-Pacific region beauty industry research report by the end of 2015 showed that more than 5 percent of female consumers, will buy beauty goods through online shopping mode, and collect information on the web, including: Beauty news, expert advice, product reviews information, product recommendations, which blogs the greatest impact on women in Taiwan, more than 7 percent of consumers look for beauty information from the blog. As the network developed to drive the development of social media, blogger authoring environment in Taiwan mature, many beauty brands began looking for an active blogger as a spokesperson on the web, through the influence of the community, the brand message passing out . Blogs become an important conduit beauty brands and consumers to communicate, Yahoo Kimo fashion and beauty media content channel planning assistant manager tour Jiaying think there are two reasons, first, bloggers are from a consumer point of view, the creation of practical fashion content , to further narrow the distance with consumers, but also to enhance consumer brand reliability. Second, bloggers create content in the form of diversity, in a short time, using text, motion pictures (GIF), video and other ways, the creation of diverse beauty and content. For example, consumers are now concerned about the makeup tips, mostly using moving images and the use of pre-and post-contrast film, escape the conventional text presentation, so that the beauty of women are more likely to understand the difference. Recently, Yahoo also introduced in order to maintain and fashion as the main fashion and beauty community - "Style bloggers" to encourage people to makeup and beauty bloggers to create a better way, with business blogs. The brand can work with bloggers on the platform, pluralistic content creation, diffusion brand message; or directly to the user's perspective, the "style bloggers" run their own branded content. Tour Jiaying also summarized the three main types of topics of interest to female consumers, the proposed brand operating in the direction of content, including: 1. How to become beautiful: In addition to the early care and anti-aging, beauty tips, the outfit, diet recommendations also greatly Welcome 2. life becomes beautiful: travel, movies, cuisine restaurant greatly fueled concern 3. richer soul: love and girlfriends and other spiritual topics, but also by qingshunv attention. In addition to emphasis on creative nail polish playing dress outfit, in recent years more and more young women, who likes to be creative on the nail, do all kinds of shapes, nail painting spotted business opportunities, many brands are also actively sights qingshunv market like cartoon characters jointly launch a variety of color nail painting supplies, or to catch the recent hot topic of the constellation, the constellation will combine nail polish packaging. Nail polish brand ME & WE is found that women autonomy rising to at home with sister Amoy can easily DIY for the demands and "elegant" and "goodwill Living" brand, and implementing on the product packaging. ME & WE also observed overall painted nails market consumer age has decreased in the media operation, expansion and network and word of mouth marketing, please manicurist regularly teaching demonstration video refers to color, to communicate with the young female consumer groups. Features nail polish, is to have a variety of colors, and the color can represent a person's personality, attitude. Like, red represents passion; purple hidden mystery; blue is reminiscent of depression. Women will continue to follow the user wearing the day and mood, choose a different color for nails with a well-known brand OPI nail polish will "color" as a creative, creativity, the various colors of nail polish convert into letters, so the color is to become the language of communication. OPI each color anthropomorphic, like red for the film A description? My mother thought I was classical, but I can show nasty arouses love "; pink rose is B; yellow is E, means witty, with 26 kinds of colors of the 26 letters and character. In a variety of outdoor advertising, the color as a copywriter, says, "to speak with a color (Let's speak in color)." In addition to using traditional media, including domestic and foreign media, the magazine paper outside, OPI also by mobile phones and other social media App and digital channels, and further interact with young women. OPI more developed "Color Chat 'App, invite people together to create your own color language, simply enter the text would have the opposite color combinations together and share in the community, so that activity continued to spread; or by encouraging girls collect 26 kinds of color nail polish, coated on the T-shirt, canvas bag. Nail polish does not necessarily only be creative in naming, if caught more color characteristics of quasi-products and color combination of emotional communication, can successfully stimulate discussion. More importantly, as the younger generations are gathered in the social media, the brand can through community platform to share brand stories, product features, and even transfer information and complementary products, such as maintenance information, outfit tips for young Women in their daily lives some inspiration, and thus can enhance the brand favorability. Plus, now young women bloggers have a decisive influence opinion leaders to cooperate with the community on the brand, but also to enhance young women's confidence in the brand. To show the power and beauty qingshunv sports opportunities in addition to beauty and fashion industries, but also there was a trend in motion qingshunv market rise due to the rise of health consciousness, women began to pay attention to a healthy diet, to be slimmer, healthier lifestyle for it is increasingly important that they, together with the way the Internet developed, product innovation and technology, health information is more easily accessible than ever before, especially in health smart wristbands and athletic coaches, diet monitoring App has become an essential female mobile phone software. Many sports brands have begun community through various channels, TV advertising, outdoor media, women and ethnic groups to communicate the spirit of the brand, especially encourage women, and certainly self-identity of the brand value, brand is moving in fermentation. Like a sports brand Under Armour, "I'll do what I want (I Will What I Want)" advertising appeals, efforts to encourage women to pursue their dreams, not to be bound by social standards, and present American Ballet principal dancer Misty Copeland's true story, deliver brand value; and the British Sports Council (Sport England) also suggested that "girls do that (the girl can)" spirit, telling women, no matter what kind of shape, size, can find their own right sports. In addition, the combination of sports and fashion, but also to light Older women are willing to invest more money in sports apparel and merchandise for the jersey to show the muscle lines, bright colors of clothes, better show motility. Women now purchase sports products, not only focus on comfort, good-looking, stylish, it will be included in consideration of purchase. From the brand perspective, committed to sports and fashion combined Swedish sportswear brand Bjorn Borg, in order to promote its 2016 spring and summer series of sports apparel, launched five 15-second ad, advertisement invitation from Paris famous DJ and music producer Mimi Xu and her daughter maily Beyrens shooting. Many seemingly dissonant elements together, but they can not create the same spark. Advertising with bright colors and lively, with electronic music and cute animations, but Mimi Xu in the film, but showing facial expressions like march-like sense of seriousness. By Bjorn Bo advertising, can strongly feel the brand would like to fashion elements into the average person's daily exercise in the training process. Where "high heels (High Heels)" fragment, Maily walking in the balance pole, just like wearing high heels like, trying to maintain balance. Ads no longer showing female sweat, woman's side, but in the abstract expression, fashion sense will stand out, your ad more a charm, highlights the unique style of the brand image. Nike will be the story when it comes to female hearts when talked about sports brand, Nike had to mention the efforts of women in the market, Nike hoped that through products, services and advertising to stimulate women's athletic potential, and to develop exercise habits girls from life. Nike played in 2015, "only more praise (Better For It)" slogan, and launched a series of ads. Like the girl in the movie, while doing yoga, will care about other people's eyes; that ran a marathon and a half laps, in fact, only ran two kilometers deep into motion depicting female mind, want to try to show themselves at the same time, but the lack of a sense of security. In January 2016, Nike is still with "Better For It" as the core values ​​of the brand, produced eight albums and create two roles, Margot and Lily, to the story of two sisters as the spindle. Story, two sisters each with a different specialty, Lily loves sports, has 10 million fans is a well-known YouTuber (by TouTube channel, share their life around things bloggers), periodically homemade videos uploaded to YouTube frequency motion stage; and representatives Margot is lazy, can not move do not move, but her advantage is sociable and has a lot of friends. Mutual dislike of the two sisters bet, decided to challenge the other good things, Lily going to make three new friends, Margot will have to establish their own fitness channel in YouTube, and must accumulate 1000 fans, but easier said than done, to reach the goal is not so simple. Nike also cleverly placed in the film a variety of products, including Nike shoes, clothing, and even Nike Fitness App (Nike + Training Club) are seamlessly incorporated in the photo album. The process of movement, to show women's strength, confidence and charm, but also a test of perseverance, Nike introduced this year, short album, reflecting the now young women in the exercise of the current situation, with interesting stories, close to the tone, so that women resonate with consumers. Women sports business opportunities in the past, the concept of male sport is patented, it has now been completely reversed, the brand must be more careful management of women's sports. Women 's Marketing pointed out, most women express pressure method, watching television, sleeping beauty sleep meal or drink a tea and sisters about this time the brand in addition to providing multi-functional sports products, may also be provided a variety of tips to maintain a healthy, so that they can release the pressure by movement. In particular, Millennials (Millennials) women, that is, born in 1980, grew up in the web of generations of women who, generally working hours and pay effort, a little more than other age women, so to find another time for exercise, is a great challenge. Brand to seize the critical moment, the production of short videos of sports, so that women can make use of fragmented time sports, or to provide quick and easy recipes to give them nutritious meals. The women's movement has grown opportunities, regardless of the brand spirit, creative, or a combination of product innovation and technology, is a major trend in the future, what kind of brand of creativity and development, we should continue to observe!