Jul. 6, 2016

The price drop, the business faded

North Gate of the Forbidden City in Beijing every day to see large and small tour group filed out from waiting on the bus to the next destination, such a large flow of people here gave birth to the unique tourism market. A few years ago, Jingshan Park along the southern front of the street, every few tens of meters will be able to see a travel store, the roadside there are many tourist kiosk business consulting. Now, although street travel stores still exist, but they often find abandoned booth and shops closed their doors.

According to the National Tourism Administration, in 2015, China's domestic tourism exceeded 40 million passengers, tourism revenue over four trillion yuan, which Beijing Number of Tourists reached 273 million passengers, an increase of 4.3% over the previous year, total tourism income of 460.71 billion yuan, an increase of 7.6%. In tourism development a good situation, Jingshan street tourism industry is undergoing reshuffle.

Fourth Street in a travel agency, "Xiaokang · Wise" correspondent saw simply decorated 15 square meters of small rooms, in addition to the counter and a small parlor tables, hanging on the wall are a variety of tour packages and services. "Our most popular line here is that the Great Wall, the Ming Tombs line." The clerk began to see people come in very eager to introduce them. She emphasized that their service is not only a car to see the flag-raising ceremony to door, the whole guided tours, but only before the scheduled lunch time shopping time about 20 minutes, "We only contains the Badaling Great Wall tickets, but generally your Pawan Badaling Great Wall, there is no energy left. "the clerk laughed.

Less than 50 meters away from it there is another one travel agency, smaller store, the salesperson simply moved directly to the line on the sidewalk billboards. "Well - · Wise" correspondent also see the Great Wall, the Ming Tombs tourist routes, the services provided are similar, this turned out to be as long as 80 yuan, 55.6% cheaper than a $ 180. She later admitted: "A lot of businesses are next door got me, and we also have no way." However, the whole morning observation, two stores were few people interested.

In recent years, Beijing black day tour guides problems frequently exposed, mandatory fees, forced shopping, abusive tourists and other issues a lot of people a day trip to Beijing shunned. In response, Beijing has to combat illegal regulation as a key target for day trips, and the implementation of mechanisms for regular, there is evidence of "black guide" will be high-limit penalties, but eliminate the psychological shadow of tourists is still a long way to go.

"I will not go to Beijing newspaper group day trip." 80 painted in Jin said, "I prefer the free exercise." With the group with respect to the free exercise of tourists has become the norm. Kam painted in every year, and her husband travel a few times, each time she would do your homework, all kinds of travel on the network are her goals of flights, bus, lines and other attractions are her own design, "Only I can really I know what they want, travel agencies always stand their point of view the line. "Jin smiles painted on. 2015 40 million passengers travel domestic population, the free exercise of the population up to 32 million passengers, accounting for 80%, and per capita consumption of 937.5 yuan.

"Tourism industry chain is very long, and the more intermediate links, the more prone to problems. Take the most basic level of tourism practitioners, their treatment is not high, if you rely on shopping rebate increase revenue, the crackdown is so large, limited income levels increase. coupled with an increase in negative social opinion, their professional pride will be missing. Still further, even if the basic social welfare can not keep up in this vicious circle, how could they have enthusiasm, quality service? "chief analyst at consulting powerhouse Weichang Ren analyzed," China's tourism industry has not yet entered a purely 'buyer's market', is still in the 'seller's market' to 'buyer's market' transitional phase, really want to meet consumer the demand is still a long way to go. "

Tourism is to know how to live

With respect to the domestic tourism market is still price competition mainly from the "seller" to "buyer's market" in transition in international tourism has been the formation of a number of high-end products, and occupied a certain market share, while their core competitiveness is bonded tourist demand services.

Koi is a leader miracle ordinary travel, has done for many years in Sichuan tour because of her English is good, with the gentleman came after Beijing joined the UTS, the line has become an international leader. "Team leader is doing a demanding job, not only responsible for the whole itinerary of tourists all the formalities, but also have enough experience rapid docking with the customer." Koi said, "senior visitors can put them very clearly I want to say it, but there are a lot of tourists can not tell what they really want, which requires you to dig. "

In order to meet the aspirations of potential visitors, each leader or sales staff will go out to play when a "conscientious." Once, UTS tourism (21.900, 0.15, 0.69%) of a sales manager found time to go to Taiwan karting very fashionable in Taiwan, compared to domestic programs, not only more exciting, but cost is also high, then they the project after the introduction of the country to obtain a good response.

In recent years, koi have been dozens of countries, and that she was most impressed by Australians leisure, they are very valued tourism and travel like a loan, often leading to complete weekly wages also loans and continued to travel loans . "This greatly changed my ideas, in fact, is an educational tour, our main job is to guide visitors to understand life, I have guided this process themselves." Next, she will lead a mission to explore the Amazon Mystery Tour .

"All aspects of tourism products and services are closely related, from the product design stage to distribution, the last trip, should that sense of service." Koi says, "This is a demand-oriented, and I think as people travel continuously improve the quality of different types of theme tour will be more attractive. "

"Tourists need a good guide, good guide of high quality, ability, strong sense of service, good attitude, good ethics, the overall image of the good, which can give tourists a good direct experience." Weichang Ren analyzed, "National It has also been introduced to guide policy making in this area. "

Visitors to the center

Different understanding of the distinction between tourism market positioning, and professional and it is an important support. 20 years of experience tour, visited more than 50 countries, deputy general manager of Beijing UTS International Travel Service Co., Ltd. Retail Division Marketing Center Huang Jianhua straight off the line now from the leader of transformation into product design. "In the market competition, only to make a quality product for a long time." Said Huang Jianhua, design a line of the most important it is to grasp the experience of tourists, including catering, circuit design point, guide services, etc., which requires the needs of tourists science subdivision, and remedy. In this thought, he designed products, including a Harley ride to the United States to Sri Lanka to see the wild animals, to dive the Great Barrier Reef and the like.

"Visitors to the center in order to truly improve service." Quality of service is also a contract that spirit in the tourism contract signed with visitors, the tourists and UTS will make detailed provisions, including the breakdown of the price, value-added services, whether there are shopping and other details, "we will not hide anything on the customer, they promote awareness about our travel services."