Jun. 24, 2016

Digital marketing into the eye generations

"If life can be repeated, that the more good." This is a people of remorse and regret the statement, if it can rewind it over again, really everything from the complex, you return to the original pure? British sports brand Reebok launched the "25,915 Days" online video, this number is the number of days an average age of 71 years the human equivalent.

Just one minute story, record a woman constantly getting younger, until the birth of the appearance. Flashback shooting style, people with stories to review all stages of life walked; to save time, pushing baby carriages running in the streets at midnight escape university dormitory administrators were found Games marathon elementary school, these moments we have our sweat.

Yan Martin, vice president of global brand communications Reebok believes, with different film actress profound moments, the audience for themselves promise to become better themselves. When the day began to push down 25,915, the audience will be projected on the issues themselves. In this regard, Reebok in the last movie, there will be a link to the site, to calculate their remaining days, personal image design, so that the audience willing to share in the community platform, passing "#HonorYourDays" spirit. According to "Digital Statistical Report 2015, the amount of advertising in Taiwan" Taipei Digital Marketing Franchise Association (DMA) released, this type of video ad (Video ads) to 3.068 billion yuan, growth of 71.4%, ranking second; and growth rate the highest, is the mobile ads (Mobile ads) growth of 115.4 percent, accounting for more than 25% of the total amount of advertising.

Dentsu Aegis Group digital president DMA chairman Shao Yiwen think, Taiwan nearly two years the growth rate of digital advertising presentation of natural growth, maintained at a certain proportion, mainly because of the economic impact of the environment, leading Taiwan digital advertising development conservative, 2016 the highest annual growth rate estimated only 15%, compared to the explosive growth of the Chinese market is indeed a big difference.

Recalling the 2015 novelty seeking fast break the myth

2015 Taiwan's digital marketing industry in the steady growth of the mass media when consumer usage behavior change, is a direct impact on the operation way Taiwan's major agents. Shao Yi Wen pointed out that because of marketing trends and changing consumer behavior, driven by brand managers and advertisers advertising budget from traditional media to digital; however, traditional media and will not be weak, it will form the relationship between digital media and complementary. For a long time, the lack of brand managers and agents' business brand (Brand commerce) "thinking, general manager of Taiwan Isobar Zhouyun Yu believes that the brand activity and performance can not be separated from the operating Reflections in digital technology mature, driven by brand owners more energy will integrate the two, in order to extend more creative expression.

Faced with rapidly changing digital industry, Starcom MediaVest digital marketing vice president Yu Xiaofang said consumer communication patterns continue as technology advances and products, but most brands in the marketing communication strategy, the consumer has not kept pace with the speed of advance . She believes that consumers need insight into all aspects of planning meaningful brand experience (Brand experience), will deliver the message to the right target audience in order to create the greatest impact for the brand. Digital media and traditional media compared, often giving too fast to grasp the sense of the present Minister Tony Rucker digit Wuzong Lin with "Century Digital worry syndrome" to describe the current situation. And further noted that when the marketing team in the pursuit of new cognitive changes, as well as digital brings, often already lost in the changing, forget what the essence of marketing communication.

Grab video content elements to master the rhythm

Video advertising visuals, let the audience enjoy it, but also because of this, become the country's major cities to implement tourism practices. Quebec (Tourisme Québec) launched a video advertising "Blind Love", describing a blind man from New York Danny Kean, experience in fishing trip, boating, nightclubs and other activities. Close your eyes in the world, in addition to fear can also have more expectations, the film Danny Kean with emotional tone, describing their feelings: "The reason why people kissing, crying, will close my eyes when having fun, because life delicate feelings, must be with the heart. " This different perspectives of tourism advertising, has more than 13 million times clickthrough after release.

As JWT digits long Wuqing Bin said, in the digital generation, there must be a different way to tell a story of the past, but also to meet the emotional demands of the audience together, in order to seize the attention of consumers. Team is co-chief operating officer Liu Yahui says that most banner ads (Banner ads) has been unable to render complete story emotion, and emotion into the story is the key to the spread of the community. An Nate Business Director Wang Zhenyu believes that video ads combined with dynamic images, audio, stories of people, it is the strongest of all forms of digital advertising expression; and further explanation, regardless of any form of advertising, we must consider the "content (Content)", " patterns (Format) "," path (Placement), "and other issues. Various agents in the hair like marketing strategy, the content will start in the first place. Yu Xiaofang said creative expression in addition to a good story (good story), but also the need for priority action (Mobile first) thinking, content to be small and beautiful, so that consumers easy to see, and can take advantage of social media on the phone with friends share it.

In the catalytic action of the priority of the Japanese emperor Jubilee executive vice president Cai Xinying remind audiovisual media to consider the vehicle's specifications and viewing quality, more importantly, to return to the brand's marketing strategy because seize the hearts of consumers, harder than catch the eye, but also more important.

Advertisements rise cut native ads waiting in the wings

When the barrier interference blocker (Ad block) has become popular, many brands have come up with strategies on Wired, Forbes and GQ website, as long as the user has detected the use of ad-blocking service, it will jump out, "Please turn off this feature You will not be able to read the content of the site "page, trying to prevent a negative impact on digital advertising.

However, Ye Shengda Cheil digit Planning Director believes that the exclusion of consumer advertising nature, is innate, but in the younger digital native generations, they have been fully equipped with immunity advertising. Want ad vice president pointed out that the history of rhetoric, click for billing advertisers, ad blocker will not have too much direct effect; forms of advertising agencies will have to carefully choose, avoid excessive intrusive ads frequently appear more in need on the consumer experience, under the foot.

Mindshare vice president of digital marketing planning bovine Hengtai said digital ad blocking software will not appear, and disappear or decrease, because the native advertising (Native advertising) still has a way to penetrate the advertising content into. Native advertising means that consumers only care about their own people and things of interest. Vice president of digital media library versed in ancient gold, said to advertisers, ad blocking is to improve the quality of advertising help, not an obstacle, especially in the bandwidth upgrade, the contents of the vehicle under the action of the environment, advertisers should invest more resources personalized advertising in applications and by accurate digital media and analyze the characteristics of the vehicle, to help advertisers create a unique consumer experience.