Nov. 20, 2015

Marketing businesses can reach customers faster speed

Large entrance preemption

Recently seen big circle of friends and forwarding such a message - recruit the end, Metro will WIFI coverage. A friend in the group say this is not a new subway station Internet cafes it? And my first thought was to seize an idea WIFI subway entrance as soon as possible.

I believe the future and WIFI bound play more and more.

Shake can add flour, shake surrounding welfare gift.

Shake function definitely more than that can be used to add friends! If you shake, shake out the gift card vouchers,APP promotion methods  you can achieve rapid growth without powder Mody.

Hot shake

Released version 3.0, adding a shake function, a majority of male friends of welfare, when the most important application is through a shake to find female friends, was also derived from the female identity by pretending to be a constantly shake Shake to add new forms of advertising advertising friends, can only lament the wisdom of the masses. Shake function later got rich, and culminates in the New Year's Eve, by the Spring Festival achieved universal gathering inside and outside of the screen,Major promoting solution  red swirling.

How to Shake by gift way to achieve increased powder

Was reached on this grand occasion also will not go, I would like to say is to do new media operations and promote how good shake function, the following is the contents of a shake when I enjoy force arranged exhibition activities in the winOnline marketing activities help .

To form an effective interaction with their fans in such a way, so many people do not know they can play, tempt their curiosity, coupled with effective fan gift achieve growth, even do business electricity supplier can shake a combination card Voucher function realization coupon issuance and verification, to achieve order conversion, specifically how to play, I do not do too much explanation, all play to see chant, at least functional studies of interest or to have oh.

A cup of coffee can increase powder
Let intelligent hardware turned promoters - Precise brand marketing positioning  talk coffee machines, printers, dolls, shook his car, shaking his horse Black &

These are third-party smart peripheral products, through intelligent networking technology.

Add flour, increase attention, quickly rose pink, must focus on the public number before use.

Multiple clients taste auditory visual interactive experience.

These third-party smart peripheral products, placed in your cluster where the user will continue to provide you a number of fans.

The printer is the first third-party smart peripheral resolution two-dimensional code by scanning the public to upload photos to print to attract the attention of fans, then flew out to cause a variety of sensation, but now more and more common,Marketing skill Improving good brand image  the effect is gradually declining. So today took the horse camp to see the coffee machine to do the explanation, I came back to find the supplier immediately customized a push back to the company and applied activities, send the keyword by scanning the two-dimensional code automatically for a coffee site users to drink, the effect is especially good.

Dolls, shook his car, rocking horse used like with coffee machine, simply combine different products in.