Oct. 23, 2015

Encouraging new selling strategy

To encourage users to share goodies, watch the movie as long as the audience share through a movie to any individual FB FB graffiti wall, thousands of red envelopes will be able to participate in the lottery every day, but also to participate in activities to get an appointment to open an account vouchers.

Password memory problems often cause investors, or because the screen is too small, or outside interference and other factors, led to wrong password three times and was locked; the first and the novice investor is in the use of electronic trading, will worry about experiencing understand voucher function, vouchers expired, lost or destroyed, and other related issues, these inconveniences can allow investors to discourage single look of electronic under.

In view of this, in order to solve the customer's problem, that plan to offer a complete line of Ap password and credentials for the service, as long as customers can easily complete fingertips password credentials and other related diseases.

Digital wave flipped the domestic financial sector is gradually ecology, digital detail of the service is the brokerage business of the key differences between the electricity supplier. In recent years, Cathay Securities actively promote e-commerce, in addition to leading the industry in the introduction of stock lottery, online accounts and other merchandise App complex commissioned outside, while providing a number of passwords, credentials and push news and other related digital services for the benefit of investors.

As of August this year, more than 85% natural customers use electronic orders, which have 70 percent of customers under a single action taken is displayed in the action to read the tape under a single software and digital service innovation efforts of innovation, has gradually see results .

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